About Me



Born and raised in Co. Leitrim, Ireland I grew up on a dairy farm and was the youngest of six children. I went to elementary school in a two-room schoolhouse and later cycled six miles to and from high school each day! Life was simple, and my after school activities consisted of helping on the farm with feeding the calves, milking the cows and picking vegetables and turf for the fire. I was very connected to nature at the time! I can remember back to when the first electric light was installed in our house and when my father got his first car- it was a Ford! Both of these events were major milestones in my life and all of my childhood experiences have made me who I am today. 

I immigrated to Stamford, CT in May 1968 and have never looked back (other than my yearly visits once or twice a year). When I arrived here, Stamford was not at all like it is today, and communication was completely different. To stay in touch with life back in Ireland I wrote 2-3 letters per week because the phones were a rarity. Stamford was a small industrial city and the average home value was about $25,000, and a direct waterfront could be found for $75,000- $100,000! Too bad I didn’t have money then! 

In 1970 I met my husband, Kevin, and we dated for about 3 years, got engaged and on March 10, 1973 we got married. When I got married that was when I got my first taste of real estate by managing 40 garden apartments which consisted of qualifying, leasing and maintaining the entire complex. I got my real estate license in 1976, but decided to stay home with my daughter and be a stay at home Mom.  

Since 1985 I have dedicated myself to making the emotions of real estate and the moving process as painless as possible. I pride myself in listing, selling, marketing, negotiating and closing the best deals for my clients. I am an established leader in Fairfield County Real Estate. I have been a consistent top producer ranking #1 in both units sold and closed dollar volume. I believe that real estate is all about family and having built my business by being known as “The Matchmaker” – Matching Homes with Families and Families with Homes, I have proven success. I cover everything from the first-time buyer and renter to luxury homes and waterfronts along with condo and commercial developing. I feel as though my diversity allows me to understand and best suit my clients growing needs. I also believe in a strong work ethic and commitment to clear and effective communication. 

Today I live in North Stamford and have 3 children. Denise works full time with me since 1994. Denise graduated from Westhill High School and Fairfield University with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and minors in Biology and Psychology in 1997. Today she is my office administrator and licensed buyer specialist. We are very fortunate to have an extremely strong friendship that we are able to carry over into the business and a common business ideal based upon top commitment and service to our clients.  

My older son, Kevin, graduated from the Canterbury School in New Milford and then from Dickinson College with a degree in International Business and Management. Today he is a Senior Analyst with MacLagan Group. 

Eamon, my youngest son, also graduated from the Canterbury School in New Milford and then from Sacred Heart University. Today he works as an energy trader and holds his Masters in International Business.